Sam Faiers shot to fame on reality TV show TOWIE. She was a fan favourite and after a short fling with Mark Wright, who is now married to Michelle Keegan, she started dating loveable twerp Joey Essex from the show.

Despite getting engaged, the two had a tumultuous time together though and following a stint on Celebrity Big Brother when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, Sam decided to take a break from TOWIE to focus on her relationship with her fiance.

Sadly it didn’t work out between them, but their split paved the way for a new start for her, which is where Paul Knightley comes in.

Here’s what you need to know about Sam’s partner…

How old is he and how did he meet Sam Faiers?

The couple when they first met

Paul is a 30 year old former property developer and estate agent from Essex.

He met Sam in Sheesh restaurant in Chigwell in October 2014 – not long after she’d split with fellow TOWIE star Joey Essex.

The couple remained relatively low key until just nine months into their relationship sam announced that she was three months pregnant.

At the time Paul was still living in his own place in South Woodford, but staying at Sam’s house a lot.

Paul was reluctant to be in the spotlight back then but shortly after the couple went public, an insider told us: “Sam is head-over-heels in love with Paul.

“He’s shy, not a big drinker and is not on any social media.

“Paul is successful in his own right and she feels like he is more mature than Joey.

“The only reason Sam has been keeping it under wraps for the past three months is because she is worried about how Paul will cope with being flung into the spotlight.

“He is not after her fame. He is just a genuine, down-to-earth guy.”

His children and The Mummy Diaries

Paul admitted The Mummy Diaries has taken its toll

Paul is now a dad of two

The birth of their first child, baby Paul, in November 2017 was filmed for an ITVBe one off special, Sam Faiers: The Baby Diaries.

Thanks to the success of it, she went on to film a series, Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries, following her first year with her new family.

The series is about to launch its fourth season and Sam’s sister Billie now features heavily too – with her wedding being a big event in the new series.

Baby Paul shares a tender moment with his newborn sister

Sam and Paul had their second child, baby Rosie in November 2017 and they allowed the cameras to follow her pregnancy journey and home water birth.

What happened with his mum and that kiss?

Some viewers didn’t approve of Paul kissing his mum in this way

Gaynor Knightley

Paul’s mum Gaynor became a fan favourite but hit headlines in the first series of The Mummy Diaries when she kissed Paul on the lips.

He shares a very close relationship with his mum, who helps out with his children a lot if he and Sam are working.

However viewers reacted on social media over the ‘uncomfortable’ scene.

One wrote: “Just watched the Sam Faiers programme. Her boyfriend and his mother are very creepy… Strange relationship.”

Sam responded by backing him, tweeting: “Wow Paul really is getting some stick. I wish people wouldn’t look into it so much. It’s a tv show edited & made for good viewing.”

Paul complained about Sam’s cheese on toast in one episode

Paul has also received criticism over his apparent reluctance to ask Sam to be his wife, despite her trying on wedding dresses for one episode and living together as family.

Viewers have often pointed out he seems disinterested and doesn’t make as much of an effort in his relationship with Sam as she does.

Paul’s business ventures

Paul and Sam run a successful business

The couple enjoy a lot of luxury holidays

In series three of The Mummy Diaries, viewers saw Sam and Paul enjoying lavish five star holidays. The couple live in a £4.2million Hertfordshire mansion as well – so they are certainly doing alright for themselves.

Sam and sister Billie opened their joint fashion boutique Minnies back in 2011, but since then Sam and Paul have started up another clothing company – All Bits London.

It sells everything from maternity clothes to accessories and Mail Online reported last year that they looked on track to make £2million from it after a successful launch and expansion.

Billie and Sam were seen in the last series competing to buy merchandise, although Sam is still involved with original business Minnies.